Monday, September 19, 2016

Tonight's the Night

Maddness from Head to Toe

= B O D Y =

.:Catwa:. Alice Head
.:Slink:. Physique Hourglass Mesh Body
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Female Casual
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Feet Female High
.:Slink:. Physique Male Mesh Body {on him}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Male Relax {on him}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Feet Male Flat {on him}

= S K I N =

.:Lumae:. Eirtae Nutmeg Bare 
.:7 Deadly Skins:. October Taupe {on him}

= M A K E U P =

.:Indulge Temptation:. Catwa Sensuality Eyeshadows 2 *NEW* @ Inspiration SL

= H A I R =

.:Spellbound:. Augustine *NEW*
.:Exile:. Alternate Ideas {on him} 

= E Y E S =

.:Ikon:. Promise Eyes Industrial
.:Swallow:. Mesh Eyes Group Gift {on him}

= C L O T H I N G =

.:Empire:. Spiderweb *NEW* @ Whore Couture
.:Rude Cats:. Halloween Slip *NEW*
.:Slink:. Stovepipe Jeans Stone {on him}

= J E W E L R Y =

.:Cae:. Septum Piercing Basic 2 *altered and worn as nose ring
.:Izzie's:. Spring Midi Rings

= H O M E   D E C O R =

.:Scarlet Creative:. Wood Berry Skybox *NEW* @ Luxe Box
.:Tarte:. Upcycled Pallet Bed *NEW* @ Luxe Box
.:We're Closed:. Fur Carpet Brown
.:Kaerri:. Malibu Palm Planter

= P O S E =

.:Joplino:. Break Out *NEW*
.:Joplino:. All Mine *NEW*
.:Joplino:. Under Control *NEW*
(Poses created for use with items from Le Grinch, not shown)

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