Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thinking Out Loud

Maddness from Head to Toe

= B O D Y =

.:LAQ:. Mesh Head Trinity
.:Slink:. Physique Mesh Body
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Female Casual
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Feet Female Flat
.:Slink:. Physique Male Mesh Body {on him}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Male Relax {on him}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Feet Male Flat {on him}

= S K I N =

.:7 Deadly Skins:. Omega Head Applier Alycia Walnut V1 *NEW* @ Lost and Found
.:7 Deadly Skins:. Omega Body Applier Walnut noCL
.:7 Deadly Skins:. October Taupe {on him}

= H A I R =

.:Argrace:. Mio
.:Mina:. Luca {on him} 

= E Y E S =

.:Ikon:. Promise Eyes Industrial
.:Swallow:. Mesh Eyes Group Gift {on him}

= C L O T H I N G =

.:Ipiteme:. White Rabbit Halter *NEW*
.:Vinyl:. Halsey Jeans *NEW* @ Uber
.:Ipiteme:. Men's Pullover Hoodie {on him}
.:Redgrave:. Heavy Used Jeans & Belt {on him}

= S H O E S =

.:Ipiteme:. Skull Buckle Boots Female *NEW*
.:Ipiteme:. Skull Buckle Boots Male *NEW* {on him}

= J E W E L R Y =

.:Cae:. Septum Piercing Basic 2 *altered and worn as nose ring
.:Ipiteme:. Bolo Tie Lariat Choker *NEW* 
.:Kibitz:. Milan Ring Set *NEW* @ Kustom9

= N A I L S =

.:Dark Passions:. Moroccan Dreams *NEW* @ Buy Now

= H O M E   D E C O R =

.:Scarlet Creative:. Country Keep Prefab
.:Kaerri:. White Chrysanthemum Bucket *NEW*
.:Kaerri:. Purple Chrysanthemum Bucket *NEW*
.:Kaerri:. Pink Chrysanthemum Bucket *NEW*
.:Kaerri:. Orange Chrysanthemum Bucket *NEW*
.:Cheeky Pea:. Quinn Chair Dog Lover
.:Stonewood Homes:. Deer Wall Mount
.:We're Closed:. Fur Carpet Brown

= F U R   F R I E N D S =

.:MishMish:. Teacup Pomeranian
.:Jian:. Silly Shibes Sleepy Pup

= P O S E =

.:Joplino:. Ed and Me *NEW*

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