Monday, April 25, 2016


Maddness from Head to Toe

= B O D Y =

.:Catwa:. Jessica Head
.:Slink:. Physique Mesh Body
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Female Casual
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Feet Female High
.:Gaeline Creations:. Hugo Mesh Head {on Thanatos}
.:Mandala:. Steking Ears Season 5 {on Thanatos}
.:Slink:. Physique Male Mesh Body {on Thanatos}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Male Relax {on Thanatos}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Feet Male Flat {on Thanatos}
.:Logo:. Infinity Alex Hybrid Mesh Avatar {on Bella}
.:Mandala:. Steking Ears Season 5 {on Bella}
.:Slink:. Physique Hourglass Mesh Body {on Bella}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Female Casual {on Bella}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Feet Female High {on Bella}
.:Logo:. Infinity Sadie Hybrid Mesh Avatar {on Natalie}
.:Mandala:. Steking Ears Season 5 {on Natalie}
.:Maitreya:. Mesh Body Lara {on Natalie}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Female Elegant 1 {on Natalie}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Feet Female Flat {on Natalie}

= S K I N =

.:Lumae:. Eirtae Nutmeg Bare
.:Wow Skins:. 2016 Ayah Caffe {on Bella}

= H A I R =

.:Exile:. Looking Back
.:Exxess:. Perun {on Thanatos}
.:Runaway:. Drogo Beard {on Thanatos}
.:Truth:. Henya {on Bella}
.:enVogue:. Rihanna {on Natalie}

= E Y E S =

.:Ikon:. Promise Eyes Industrial
.:By Snow:. Dragon Eyes Flame {on Thanatos}
.:Ikon:. Triumph Eyes Dusk {on Bella}
.:Ikon:. Triumph Eyes Coffee {on Natalie}

= C L O T H I N G =

.:Ipiteme:. Melinda Gypsy Top *NEW*
.:Ipiteme:. Rolled Cuff Shawties *NEW*
.:FashionNatic:. Zeus Jacket {on Thanatos}
.:Ipiteme:. Classic Jeans Men {on Thanatos}
.:Ipiteme:. Shannon Leather Vest {on Bella}
.:Ipiteme:. Noeleen Skinny Jeans & HUD {on Bella}
.:Ipiteme:. Fiesta Dress & Sandals *NEW* {on Natalie}

= S H O E S =

.:Yeliz:. Springtime High Heel Sandals
.:Zed:. Black Leather Bikers Boots with Buckles {on Thanatos}
.:Ipiteme:. Bang Bang Heels {on Bella}

= J E W E L R Y =

.:Cae:. Blossom Collection
.:JCNY:. Saryh Diamond Nose Piercing
.:Izzie's:. Celestial Midi Rings
.:RealEvil Industries:. Dragon Necklace {on Thanatos}
.:Cae:. Kept Collar {on Bella}
.:Ipiteme:. Infinity Belly Chain {on Bella}
.:Phoebe:. Face Piercing Eye Diamonds {on Natalie}

= N A I L S =

.:La Boheme:. Solid Red
.:Forma Nails:. Stiletto Nails Casual Hand Silver {on Bella}
.:AlaskaMetro:. Blush {on Natalie}

= P O S E =

.:Joplino:. Party Time *NEW*

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