Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rabbit Heart

Maddness from Head to Toe

= B O D Y =

.:Catwa:. Jessica Head
.:Slink:. Physique Mesh Body
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Female Casual
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Feet Female High
.:Slink:. Physique Mesh Body {on Natalie}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Female Elegant 1 {on Natalie}
.:Mandala:. Steking Ears Season 5 {on Natalie}

= S K I N =

.:7 Deadly Skins:. Omega Head Applier Chastity Pineapple *NEW* @ Easter Egg Hunt
.:7 Deadly Skins:. Omega Body Applier noCL Pineapple
.:Swallow:. Roberta Caramel {on Natalie}

= M A K E U P =

.:AlaskaMetro:. Eye Shadow Matte Smoke {on Natalie}
.:Swallow:. Roberta Lipstick Medium Pink {on Natalie}

= H A I R =

.:Exile:. Full of Grace
.:Elikatira:. Cassidy {on Natalie}

= E Y E S =

.:Ikon:. Promise Eyes Industrial
.:Ikon:. Triumph Eyes Coffee {on Natalie}
.:Koketka:. Eyelashes v.23 {on Natalie} 

= C L O T H I N G =

.:Flippant:. Convivi Complete Outfit *NEW*
.:Hilly Haalan:. Berry Halter Top *NEW* {on Natalie}
.:Blueberry:. Denise Leggings {on Natalie}

= S H O E S =

.:Reign:. Patent Mishi Boots {on Natalie}

= J E W E L R Y =

.:JCNY:. Saryh Diamond Nose Piercing
.:Plastik:. Secretus Jewelry Set *NEW* @ N°21
(Rings shown; purchase also includes two bracelets, not worn)
.:Phoebe:. Face Piercing Eye Diamonds {on Natalie}
.:Tantalum:. Battitude Ring Large {on Natalie}
.:Tantalum:. Battitude Ring Small {on Natalie}

= N A I L S =

.:Zoz:. Spring Silver Unique
.:AlaskaMetro:. Flamingo {on Natalie}

= P O S E =

.:Joplino:. Bunny Crossing *NEW*
(Includes sign and bunny props)

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