Thursday, February 18, 2016

Still of the Night

Maddness from Head to Toe

= B O D Y =

.:Slink:. Physique Mesh Body
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Female Casual
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Feet Female Flat
.:Slink:. Physique Male Mesh Body {on him}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Hands Male Relax {on him}
.:Slink:. AVEnhance Feet Male Flat {on him}

= E Y E S =

.:Adored:. Dream Eyes Glacier
.:Koketka:. Mesh Eyelashes v.3
.:Swallow:. Mesh Eyes Group Gift {on him}

= S K I N =

.:Lumae:. Evie Cookie Airedine
.:7 Deadly Skins:. October Taupe {on him}

= M A K E U P =

.:La Boheme:. Glamour Eyes Smoke Set 1
.:Swallow:. Gala Lipstick

= H A I R =

.:MK Hair Studio:. Patty *NEW*
.:Mina:. Luca {on him}

= J E W E L R Y =

.:Cae:. Septum Piercing Basic 2 *altered and worn as nose ring
.:Diamante:. Vertical Labret
.:Izzie's:. Celestial Midi Rings

= C L O T H I N G =

.:Ipiteme:. Women's Zippered Hoodie *NEW*
.:Ipiteme:. Don't Be So Nosy Baggies Grey *NEW*
(Also available in black, blue, and dark blue; or in a fat pack)
.:Ipiteme:. Men's Pullover Hoodie *NEW* {on him}
.:Ipiteme:. Don't Be So Nosy Baggies Black *NEW* {on him}
(Also available in blue, dark blue, and grey; or in a fat pack)

= S H O E S =

.:Vale Koer:. Exclusive Creepers
.:Ipiteme:. Hilliard Kicks & HUD *NEW* {on him}

= N A I L S =

.:Mad:. Camo

= P O S E =

.:Exposeur:. Syrup and Honey

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